Geotechnical Study

Pro-Geotechnics is a branch of Proentasi, concerned with the provision of full technical services related to the scientific fields of Engineering Geology, Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental management and protection. Our company owns a professional engineering license.


We undertake the performance of geotechnical, geological and environmental design as well as the consulting and supervision services for every project.


  • Building protection from natural hazards studies (floods, landfalls)
  • Geotechnical foundation studies
  • Geological exploration works
  • Geological studies for structural works (surface & underground)
  • Special geological mapmakings
  • Studies-reports of geological suitability
  • Development and management studies of water resources
  • Special environmental studies
  • Environmental effect studies for structural works
  • Geothermal energy studies

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Geotechnical Study

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